Cross Labs* - this Thursday, Sept 29

Come out to learn and hone cyclocross skills. Two free clinics with skills and drills for all abilities.

West Location: Canadian Mennonite University - 500 Shaftesbury Boulevard (site of this Saturday's MennoCross event)
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (dropping in midway is fine)

East Location: Lyndale Drive - by the Winnipeg Rowing Club
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (to be confirmed)

*What's a cross lab, you ask? We'll play some games that involve cornering, bike handling and dismounting/remounting. It's pretty informal, more about working on technique than about working out. Bring your bike, your helmet and a bottle of water.


MUCR Post-Season Executive Meeting

November 25, 2008 , Fox and Hounds Tavern


In attendance: Hal, Colin, Tomek, Ian

Minutes by Ian with contributions by Hal

Last season – All
  • 9 events
  • Turn out ranged from good to great (Altona and Woodhaven noted as great)
  • More women riding
  • Some new/first-time riders, including some drawn from Cross Labs
  • Fortunate to have good weather for most events
  • Double cross good in some ways, but not that many riders did both events. Noted that this could be a simple of fact of people not being available on both days, and the fact that there were 2 races may not have mattered.
  • Some environmental guilt expressed by race organizers re: throwing out plastic race tape. Decided to (1) promote Safeway’s plastic recycling program (to do: Ian) and (2) investigate cloth/reusable/biodegradable tape options (to do: Tomek)
  • Discussion about starting the season earlier and/or Spring series. General feeling was that the current length of season is good and that Fall is traditional 'cross season. There was interest in maybe adding a couple of races thereby lengthening the season, but the emphasis should be on putting on quality races and not quantity numbers of races. Any additional races should not interfere with Mountain Bike Provincials or the Fall Classic. Also, Spring is very busy with both road and mountain bike races and Spring 'cross races might add too much to the picture.
  • Email MCA Road Coordinator to contact Saskatchewan road coordinator to possibly coordinate double cross weekends, leaving weekends open so racers can attend each other's events (to do: Hal)

Cross Labs – Hal
  • Generally happy with results
  • Discussion about focus on quality, not quantity =
  • 1 weeknight ride would be sufficient
  • End rides when time changes in fall
  • Consider partnering with a qualified coach to supplement sport mentorship offered by current MUCR riders
  • Discussion about adding value by organizing a one-day CX training camp with sessions on training, stretching, cold weather cycling, CX bike tuning/maintenance, etc. (to do: Cross lab/training camp committee) Could be supported by revenue from a Bingo.
  • Discussion about having some labs be short course/time races - maybe on Saturdays

Series – Tom and Colin
  • Yes, a series would be good.
  • Colin agreed to administer (to do: Colin)
  • Goal of series would be to promote participation in multiple CX events.
  • Riders who complete a certain threshold of races (e.g. 6 of 9 or 5 of 8) would receive a participation prize (e.g. a MUCR beer mug). Could be given out at Belgian Club, if this was one of the last events of the year. Could be supported by Series sponsors, by a contribution from race organizers, or could be subsidized with support from a Bingo.
  • For each race a rider completes, their name would be entered once into a season-end draw for a large prize. (to do: MUCR Series committee)

Clothing order – All
  • Agreement to pursue a second clothing order on March 15th, 2009.
  • Clothing orders could be taken via email, and at the proposed January MUCR meeting (which could include borrowing a Champ Sys sizing kit). (to do: Hal)
  • Everyone very happy with clothing.

Website – Hal
  • Web site worked well at a basic level.
  • Could be made better through multiple/more open contributors
  • Use blog and Google calendars more effectively
  • New page template suggested (to do: Tomek)
  • Encouraging more contributors (to do: Hal)

New Sport Development Ideas – Ian
  • Grass track racing – discussed and approved. To be promoted for inclusion on the MCA calendar (to do: Ian)
  • New venues – possibility at Fort Whyte. To be investigated and promoted to clubs as an opportunity (to do: Tomek)
  • New events – discussion and agreement to leave event organization to clubs.

New Business
  • FUCR – discussion of amending jersey somehow for out of province riders. Decided better to leave as is (since people in Ontario seemed willing to wear it).
  • Claiming a membership – discussion of importance of being able to count people as members. Agreement to pursue -- proposal: create ‘union cards’. $2 for a lifetime membership. No real benefits for members except a snazzy card. Funding used to support CX development (maybe we could direct to web site hosting?). Design cards (to do: Tomek), look into issues of holding personal information (to do: Ian)
  • Outreach to sponsors – Half pints, Mondragon and Belgian Club – agreement we should (in the spring, perhaps) try to meet with all of our supporters on their terms (e.g. show up as an agenda item on their regular meetings (to do: Tom (Mondragon) and Ian (Half Pints and Belgian Club)

Next meeting:
  • A meeting open to all interested cyclocross riders/supporters to be held in late January. Location TBD, but could be Mondragon or Belgian Club. (to do: Hal)
  • Invite new MCA Road Coordinator to the meeting



Cross Labs this Week - Hiatus

In light of the facts (namely that tonight is election night and you should be voting; that tomorrow night is the Bike to the Future fall forum; that it is now dark at about 6:45; and that it's pretty cold and damp out today), cross labs this week are on hiatus. This means ride your bike and stay loose for Southern Cross this weekend, but there won't be organized rides at Omand's Creek Park tonight, tomorrow or Thursday.

Stay tuned for announcement about a Cross Lab wrap up/get together which may involve cross videos (Fraser - I need my DVD back!) and Belgian beer.

In the meantime, vote, participate in the forum and get ready for this weekend's cross-travaganza in Altona.

Turkey Cross Results

Provided by our ace field correspondent Gary:

Chris, Allan, and Gary with some help from Dave, Seema, and Bill set a course which utilized the full range of gears with some long fast straights, flowing single track, high and low speed corners, stairs, and a steep little run-up for good measure. Thanks to everyone, including Seema and Colin for keeping track of us, and Tom for the schwag. We'll do it again next year.

Unofficial results:

Tim T
Allan R
Ian H
Chris A
Gary S
Dave D
Rod V
Bill A
Dave L
John G


from our friends in saskatoon


Come to Canada’s boom city next weekend for Saskatoon’s Double X

Date: October 18th and 19th.
Location: Diefenbaker Park, Saskatoon
Registration: Saturday Sign on at 3:00 Race at 4:00
Race Type: 35 and 50 minute timed races
Cost: $20/ includes meal
Dinner: at Amigos Cantina 632 10th Street E. after the race, with room booked from 6:30 on
Organizer: the fabulous Bike Doctor bike shop--for more info call Greg at bike doc at 306-664-8555
Registration: 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Race Start: 12:00 PM
Cost: $15
Location: Diefenbaker Park, Saskatoon
Prizes: Cash prizes for each category.
Organizer: Cycledelia bike club
Additional info: Cycledelia


woodhaven 2008

a great weekend weather wise and two cross races to boot. the first race took place at happyland park off of marion and by all accounts it was about as tough as it gets. mostly grass rolling terrain and enough elevation to make it a physical challenge. hopefully some of the racers who were there will fill in some details.

sunday's race was at woodhaven. a few nice changes to the course left out some of the more traditional features that are usually a part of the race and included one new path and some a new course set ups which made for a fast course,

the "b" race saw a whole bunch of new faces. looks like the "no-license needed" system might be attractive enough to bring new racers into the scene. the only downside to this type of insurance policy is that it might mean a whole bunch of additional work for organizers who would need to find companies who would be willing to sponsor the race. whatever the case, it was nice to see new riders out giving cross a try.

the"a" race was well attended and also saw some new faces as some b racers from made the leap up to the "a" category and its world of additional pain.them the opportunity to give cross a try.

here are some pictures from the race, more here.


Saturday race info:

Hey folks –

The race is set to go for Saturday and the weather looks like it will be dandy!

But - just a quick note about this Saturday’s race: despite what seemed a few weeks ago to be a clear guarantee from the City that we would be able to use the change room facilities at Happyland Park, it now seems that additional/multiple approvals are required (from multiple departments, no less).

We’re still trying to sort this out, but at present it is possible (likely, even) that there will not be change rooms or washrooms available at the race site. It should be noted that there are businesses directly across the street from the park that have washrooms, if needed, but planning ahead for your clothes-changing needs is advisable (e.g. wear your riding kit under your clothes or bust out that kilt you’ve been dying to wear).

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and politely request your cooperation in not exposing yourself to the entire neighbourhood before or after the race (please and thank you) or relieving yourself on neighbourhood lawns, etc., as we’d like to be invited back to St. Boniface.

See you at the race!